Medical Gloves supplies for COVID-19
Medical Gloves supplies for COVID-19

We supply all Glove product range as;

  • Latex Examination Gloves,

  • Nitrile Examination Gloves,

  • Surgical Gloves,

  • Household GloveŁ¬

  • Industrial GloveŁ¬

  • Nitrile GlovesŁ¬

  • Vinyl Glove

  • and others Gloves range of products


Please feel free to contact us for more details about glove product

We are specialize in:  Latex Examination Gloves . Nitrile Examination Gloves . Surgical Gloves . Household Glove . Industrial Glove . Nitrile Gloves . Vinyl Glove. 

Published : 25-Jun-2020

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